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Premium Eye Massage Spa Service

Chalant Eye Massage specializes in exception, on-site eye massage services at our partner hotels. We bring our eye massage systems in-room and/or an assigned area in the hotel so there is no need for guests to navigate unfamiliar streets or cities if they prefer not to. We work directly with our hotel partners to offer both individual and packaged services. 


Many of our hotel partners are pioneering this concept because they know how it will increase hotel accommodations by differentiating them from their competition. 

Our partner hotels who offer Chalant Premium Eye Massage services to their guests have improved their guest satisfaction and have created a selling point for their sales team, especially when they introduce our "Pamper Your Eyes" package and begin offering eye massage services to frequent business travelers. 

Chalant Eye Massage is fully insured and offers liability protection.

Our goal is to make this rejuvenating service accessible and affordable in luxury hotels where spa services are not available.

Give Your Guests More

Our Premium Eye Massage service is perfect for your guests who frequently travel and need to rest their body and eyes or a couple who wants to share a relaxing eye massage together. The Chalant Premium Eye Massage is enjoyable, soothing and perfect for all guests.

how our eye massage services will benefit your guests

Dry Eye Relief

Reduced Eye Swelling

Relieves Discomfort From Eye Strain

Relieves Sinus Pressure + Headaches

Eliminates Dark Circle + Wrinkles

Improves Blood Flow + Sleep Habits

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