Chalant Eye Massage

Chalant Eye Massages

We offer premium eye massages, that rejuvenate strained, sensitive, or irritated eyes, and helps to effectively eliminate digital eye strain, reduce tension and dark circles, and Improve the blood flow in your eyes that help you sleep better.

This smart device massages on the eye balls and all acupoints around the eyes and temples to relax nerves, refresh the brain and smoothe the skin around the eyes.

Boost Vision Health and Support Visual Wellness

Our smart device massages the eye and temples muscles, helping to relax and relieve insomnia, headaches, and other tension and digital eye stress-related issues.  


Eye Massage Benefits


Vision tests + screenings

Chalant Vision Tests + Screenings

Our painless vision screening is a short examination of the eyes to discover vision problems or a potential vision problem.This is the perfect way to keep up with your eye health in between eye exams. Our goal is to make our vision tests + screenings accessible to all, which is why our vision tests are only $25. 

See our specials to see our vision Test Bundle deal, perfect for those on a budget.

What's The Difference?

Our vision services are not as invasive as your standard eye exam performed by an optometrist. We use high technology vision tools to take a peak into your eyes and see if there are red flags. From there, we encourage you to make a comprehensive dilated eye exam with your optometrist. 

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